• basketball

    This Old Faded Ball

    When I pick up the faded basketball, I immediately recognize the gold trimmed black Wilson logo on i...

  • wonderland


    Colored breezes dance between the Trembling leaves that inhabit the Mushroom trees. The sociable Flo...

  • rain

    The Sound of Rain

    I wakened to the tears of fate The hush of death The wind’s debate The willow’s breath And on the ro...

  • baby crying

    Silence: Bliss or Curse

    Silence. It can mean so much to some, and be so despised by others. A new mother holding her screami...

  • pond ripples

    The Dropping of a Pebble

    Pebbles are dropped into a pond Revolutions unfold- One by One their ripples Rise Up- It seems their...





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