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Colored breezes dance between the
Trembling leaves that inhabit the

Mushroom trees. The sociable
Flowerbeds siren their melody, that

Infests any bystanders heart and
Body. Large caterpillars lounge atop
Draping umbrella shaped leaves, all
The evil queens sternly straighten
Their sleeves. White roses dripping
Their red paint, speak of their saint.

A lady wrapped in respectable cloths
So fine, all you have to do is glance

To lose track of time. A petite child in
Her blue and white dress frolics

Around like a little fragile childlike
Goddess. A hare in a fine suit races

By. With every step releasing a
Worrisome sigh. Welcome to
Wonderland my dry tiresome souls,
Enjoy your stay and don’t forget to
Pay the free tolls.