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Voiceless Voices

Somewhere, someone
Has hands that tell stories of every book they’ve ever read
Everything they’ve ever thought
And everything they’ve never said
The loudest silence ever seen
Seemed to be seen with sight
Hands that recite the same poems they write

Somewhere, someone
Has the voice of an angel, that will never be heard
Muffled by God’s will, but as graceful as the morning song of a bird
As if the world wasn’t ready
Their gift is their curse
Broad wings prevent flight, and they’re restricted to Earth

So, somewhere
At any given moment, you can find me
Mumbling thank you’s under my breath
For every time I’ve ever spoken, and every time I have left
Because last night I had a dream
That I went to a place that could have been heaven
And spoke to a man that could have been God
And he might have told me the meaning of life…
And I might have forgot
And that might be a good thing, or it might not

But I was able to tell you
And that’s gotta count for something don’t it?
Because every time I open my mouth and words come out
I just wanna, grab them out of the air and savor the moment
Be thankful for your voice
When that’s all you’ve got left
When hard times just get harder, be thankful for your breath

Because somewhere, someone
Has lips that only imagine what a voice is
And hands that if given the choices
Would probably yell every time they sign
And a heart that rejoices
And is thankful
For voice