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To Light and Guard

Colorful, dancing, dearest marigolds,
swinging arm-in-arm in the verdant Spring.
Tending to the flowers and plants below,
under the Light and the goodness it brings.

Colorful, dancing, dearest marigolds,
a wonderful, terrible chore you bear!
The flowers of Earth, vexing by nature,
can still be judged as worthy to spare?

Most beautiful of all the marigolds,
why do you pity a frail flower’s toil?
Why mother the plant and nurture its growth
and protect it from decay and turmoil?

I give myself to thee, dear marigold,
and pray that we meet, as last, in the Spring.
Guide me, Sweet Blossom, till the end draws nigh,
to rest in the garden of the one, true King.