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Ford Hall

The Myth of Ford Hall

Trine band, play a song that tells the story of that brave hero Becca and her quest to renew Ford Hall to its former glory. Let the drums tell of Hamilton’s envious eyes. Let the trumpets speak of the horrendous battle. Let the flutes express the treacherous journey to find the ledger with the secret of rejuvenation. Let your music unveil the whole truth to us now.

Long ago, the educators dwelled in their kingdom called Ford, and the businessmen dwelled in their kingdom called Shambaugh. The rivalry between businessmen and educators began when a businessman named Mike spilled ink on an educator’s grade book. Now, this seemed like an unimportant event at the time, but this incident led to the aforementioned educator burning Mike’s ledger. The burning of the ledger snowballed until the educators and businessmen declared war on each other.

Through many battles, the kingdom of Ford had taken many blows and the palace, Ford Hall, was in danger of collapsing. Hamilton, the ruler of Ford and all the educators, decided that it was time to capture Shambaugh and move into that kingdom. Hamilton had coveted the businessmen’s kingdom for years, and after decades of war, Shambaugh was much more structurally stable than Ford had ever been. Hamilton sent her best scouts, Alexa and Bobbie, to find the best point of attack. Alexa and Bobbie discovered that the businessmen never locked their doors. The educators captured Shambaugh quickly, but in the process, Hamilton’s meter stick had been broken. In order to punish the businessmen for this incident, Hamilton decided to destroy her former kingdom so that the businessmen would remain homeless.

Fergusson, ruler of the businessmen, led his weary people across the wilderness until they reached the ashy remains of the kingdom of Ford. Their people wept at having to leave their homes and possessions behind, unable to ever return. President Brooks, leader of the known universe, looked down from his window at his desolate business people. He never intended for the business department to be left without a place to work and grow. President Brooks decided to do what was necessary to rectify the situation.

On the two hundredth anniversary of the original ink spilling incident, a stranger wandered into the land of Ford. The frail old man limped throughout the land calling out to find the leader of the business people. Kara, a businesswoman, heard the old man and asked him why he had come. The old man explained that he had a message to deliver to Fergusson concerning the condition of their new kingdom. Kara agreed to take the old man to speak to her ruler.

When entering the presence of Fergusson, the old man shed his skin, and President Brooks’ secretary, Dareen, appeared from within the mold. Dareen told Fergusson that there was a hero among them who would be brave enough to journey to the land known as UC. There, this hero would discover the secret ledger that had the ability to renew the Kingdom of Ford and make it more magnificent than it had ever been before. This hero would also restore the relationship between businessmen and educators ending the war forever. Fergusson was astonished at this prophecy and exclaimed that he knew of no hero within his kingdom capable of such a task. The secretary explained that there was such a hero among the business people. The hero Fergusson needed to find had been left in the wilderness as an infant and had been raised by bunnies. With this last piece of information, the secretary disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

Immediately, Fergusson inquired his subjects to find the hero of which the secretary had spoken. Kara declared that she knew both who the hero was and where to find her. Fergusson commanded that Kara bring the hero to him. Kara traveled to the edge of the Kingdom of Ford. There, in the midst of a carrot patch, Kara found the hero named Becca. Kara returned to Fergusson in order to present Becca. Although Becca was clearly the hero of whom the secretary had spoken, Fergusson was skeptical and insisted that many other brave soldiers accompany her. Kara was among those selected to travel with Becca. Fergusson ordered the best briefcase shields and ballpoint pen weapons for his soldiers and sent them on their way.

They set out immediately for the land of UC. The weather was harsh. The wind bit and the rain stung, but the company continued onward. When they traveled through the land of Taylor, they lost one third of the company to heat stroke and another third to hypothermia. Still, they trudged onward. When they came to Forman, the company decided to rest. Becca and Kara remained awake on watch while the others slept. During the night, Kara heard a strange noise. Before she could warn the others, the Registrar attacked. Being an ally of the educators, the Registrar could not let business people rest in her realm. Becca was quick. She drew her briefcase and blocked the blow of the Registrar, but the Registrar managed to knock Becca’s pen out of her hand. Becca was a talented fighter, but the Registrar was better. Just as the Registrar was about to end Becca’s life, with her pencil, the soldiers of the business office joined the battle. The Registrar was captured, and the business office soldiers gave bread and fresh supplies to the business company.

After resting without interruption for one day, the company continued on. They finally arrived at the land of the UC. Unaware of what awaited them inside, Becca and Kara decided to enter the city alone. They traveled within the shadows until they found the Library. As they walked into the Library, they saw the back of a cloaked figure. As the cloaked figure turned to face them, Becca noticed a name tag pinned to the cloak with the name Kristina printed across it. The cloaked figure spoke to them stating that she knew what they sought. Before Kristina would give them what they desired, they needed to complete her challenge to prove that they were worthy. They must retrieve a late book from a student named James.

After hearing the challenge, Becca and Kara accepted. The task seemed easy enough. They left the Library in search of this James. They walked to the local restaurant called Whitney Commons. There they ate lunch and talked with the locals to discover the location of James. One local knew where James lived and warned our hero that he was a giant not to be trifled with. Becca and Kara traveled to the last known location of James. There they saw a massive giant sleeping on a marble bench. The bench was far too small for him, but he slept soundly. In his hand was the exact book that the cloaked figure in the Library had described. Becca and Kara decided to quietly sneak up to the giant. Kara picked up square shaped stone. As Becca removed the book, Kara slipped the stone into the book’s place. As quietly as they came, Becca and Kara backed away. Then, Kara sneezed the smallest sneeze. The giant’s snoring halted. Suddenly, James rose to his feet and began chasing Becca and Kara. A ballpoint pen sailed through the air and landed in the giant’s skull knocking him off his feet. Unable to pinpoint the origin of the pen, Becca and Kara continued running until they came to the Library.

As they entered the Library, Kristina congratulated them on their success and thanked them for returning the book. As promised, she gave them the very thing that they sought, the secret ledger with rejuvenating abilities. Kristina told them to hurry back to their land and place the ledger within the ruins of the old palace. Becca and Kara left the land of UC and met the remainder of their company. The company hurried to the land of Ford as they had been told.

As they continued on the return journey, they encountered many foes. Alexa and Bobbie had prepared an ambush just before the land of Taylor. They intended to capture the business company with a large net. Becca was able to leap out of the way of the net, but her company was captured. The net encased all of the business soldiers and carried them up into the high branch of an oak tree. Alexa and Bobbie watched their trap and rejoiced when it had succeeded. Before Alexa and Bobbie could return to retrieve their prisoners, Becca remembered the training she had learned during her time with the bunnies. She took a deep breath, and then, she leaped high into the air. She leaped high enough to use her ballpoint pen to cut the ropes that held the net so high. Her company was freed. Alexa and Bobbie arrived just as the business company was standing up and preparing to leave. Amazed by what Becca had done, Alexa and Bobbie decided to remain hidden in the brush until the company had left. Alexa and Bobbie returned to their ruler and told of what they had seen. Hamilton was amazed by this brave warrior’s skill, for she had heard of no other. Hamilton wondered if there were other heroes in the business realm of equal skill, and Hamilton began thinking that the businessmen might be better allies than enemies.

After the net incident, the business company continued home trudging more carefully along the way. After many days marching without rest, the company had returned to the land of Ford. When they reached their home, they entered its broken gates and marched to the ruins of the palace. There Becca placed the secret ledger on the ruins of the throne. Suddenly, the earth began to tremble beneath their feet. Then, the sun began to shine, grass began to grow, the wall magically repaired itself, and Ford Hall emerged from its ruins more glorious than it had ever been. The sight amazed both the people of the business land and Fergusson himself. Fergusson ordered a feast, and the business people celebrated the renewal of their kingdom’s glory.

Then, the educators saw the magnificence of the Ford Kingdom and the splendor of Shambaugh. This made them realize the wonderful abilities the business people had, and the educators knew that it would be beneficial for them to be friends with the business people instead of enemies. Hamilton sent Alexa and Bobbie with a new briefcase and an expensive ink pen as gifts to Fergusson with a treaty declaring the two kingdoms as allies. Fergusson accepted the terms of the treaty and businessmen and educators have been friends and coworkers ever since.