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Distant Memory


It sits in the corner. It doesn’t touch anything; Nothing touches It. But It watches. It watches new ones be made; Old ones be forgotten; Sad ones pushed aside; Happy ones being retold Time and Time and Time again. It doesn’t say anything. Makes no comments; Makes no movement. But It watches. It waits. Waits for someone to notice; Waits ...

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The Impact of Plastic Pollution


Introduction In modern times of the twenty-first century, a tremendous amount of human-made products and technological advances are created using plastic, a resource that has various helpful uses. However, because of the abundance and durable lifespan of plastic, the resulting waste is exponentially growing and harming the environment. Plastics are long-lived, inexpensive products that are mainly used as single-use items ...

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Fly Again


The wind dove down into the pastureland along the coast. It ripped its fast slender fingers through the ancient copses and stranded glacial boulders, surging and wailing in the billowing grasses, and then suddenly lifted up–straight up—and everything took flight. Foliage rolled back, baring the white knuckles of twiggy branches, clawing at the wind as the leaves broke free. Rain ...

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Scootin’ Towards Undergraduate Financial Freedom

college debt

Executive Summary The mental wellness of students at Trine University can be affected by their financial situation. Unfortunately, many of the students who have student loan debt lack understanding of this debt and have little idea of how to deal with it. This could cause students to feel stressed about their financial situation, which could distract them from their school ...

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Soldier of Asphodel


In the roman religion there are two area’s that can be described as an afterlife. There is the Plains of Asphodel which is where the common person went after death and there is also the Fields of Elysium where soldiers were said to go after death. They had no eternal damnation like religions of today. This story is the travel ...

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Aww Nutz


The last bite of meatloaf tasted just as good as the sixteen before it. I started shoveling a mix of mashed potatoes, corn, and gravy into my mouth. I had to eat as fast as possible if I wanted to be able to pick out my dessert before my brothers and sister. It was always a race to the finish, ...

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Do Not Write

pencil erasing

Doodle in your notes. Paint a picture. Build something from Legos, cardboard, or paper. Take a picture. Play outside, inside, on the playground, or in the woods. Whatever you do, do not write. Find inspiration somewhere, or create your own. The writing will come. But first, something must inspire the writing. Something must create a spark before writing can commence. ...

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How the Unmotivated Can Become Leaders


Abstract Assessment tools were researched to grade the workforce and identify unmotivated employees. The importance of culture is emphasized in order to develop organizational strategies for staffing, training and development. Various tools are discussed to allow organizations to connect with the unmotivated employees and encourage change. The growth of individuals into leaders is elaborated upon; how it is accomplished and ...

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The Lady of the Wood

woman in woods

I look deep into the flickering flames of the fire. It is fascinating to watch the yellow fade to orange as the flame slinks away from the fuel, orange to red, and red into the darkness of night. The melodic laughter of the children dances through the wind from where they sit on the ground, as close to the fire ...

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The Sound of Rain


I wakened to the tears of fate The hush of death The wind’s debate The willow’s breath And on the roof the roaring stream The wings of cloud The winter’s dream And fluxing loud Across the land the hiss of drops That raven’s purr That never stops A muted whir That sings our song from day to day Until the ...

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