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Sometimes things go wrong inside, with no fanfare. With no banners strung or flags flapping wildly in the morning air. No spectators there to witness the crossing of all those special lines. Sometimes it happens quiet, like the sighful, scraping whisper of autumn leaves on empty sidewalks. Or like so many secrets slipping through so many pairs of lips. Sometimes ...

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The Different Shores


My body lives on those two different shores Two shores separated by eternity Both covered with the sand of life but For my mind lives upon that authentic shore While my heart lives upon that mystical shore My mind has set up that camp It has stood the test of time It knows what is to happen For it remembers, ...

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A Word


I spoke a word, just one Into the still night air The word I spoke bloomed And took a shape so fair That tears swelled in my eyes To see the beauty there I spoke another word Whispered like a child’s prayer Strung on with another Until a strand wove tight An unending ribbon Full of power and light Power ...

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What Are Miles?


What are miles, but notes in a song? With every passing moment creating a beautiful memory. It will take time and patience for that melody to truly take root, for that true character to materialize. But in the distant lies the future, you are unsure where this road leads. If you keep pushing through the unknown mountain side; not looking ...

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Christmas is Near

Christmas tree

How does one know when Christmas is near? The outside is cold, And the streets are slipperily smooth and frozen. Blankets of snow lie among households, And mound upon the grass. As if holding on for its life, the snow grasps to the trees. The wind rages with anger throughout the night sky, Thrusting open doors allowing snow to draft ...

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The House upon the Hill


If you listen to my song you’ll hear a tale not told before… of a Viking lad, his mighty ship, and the lass that he adored. My tale begins on the far outskirts of a little harbor village. The frost had thawed and all the ships had gone away to pillage. He stood alone upon the cliff, as the waves ...

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Distant Memory


It sits in the corner. It doesn’t touch anything; Nothing touches It. But It watches. It watches new ones be made; Old ones be forgotten; Sad ones pushed aside; Happy ones being retold Time and Time and Time again. It doesn’t say anything. Makes no comments; Makes no movement. But It watches. It waits. Waits for someone to notice; Waits ...

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I rode a dragon today

dragon book

I rode a dragon today, with scales of fiery blue Gusting wings turned each page, each chapter begun anew I dreamt I was a Thunderbird, storms marking my flight Howling winds and shrieking cries and lightning rending night Today, I was a wizard, by the badger house thus claimed Through goodness and kindness and niceties we were given our name ...

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The Face I Know


Time has left its mark on his rosy cheeks. Every follicle housed a wire like hair, and the length of it laid curled on the roundness of his face— marking the days that have passed since the barber saw him last. Not even a freckle can be seen, and the whiteness reflects the years he has lived. The fur-like thickness ...

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Do Not Write

pencil erasing

Doodle in your notes. Paint a picture. Build something from Legos, cardboard, or paper. Take a picture. Play outside, inside, on the playground, or in the woods. Whatever you do, do not write. Find inspiration somewhere, or create your own. The writing will come. But first, something must inspire the writing. Something must create a spark before writing can commence. ...

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