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Barista Bye-Bye

coffee beans

My apron cries for me like a child left behind, A stained wet face mewling behind glass. I would have stolen the one thing that was mine. Coffee beans stick to my fingers and I can smell the waxy sheen of decaf and Sumatra. My pinky tastes like breakfast, And my eyes square dance in the espresso puddle on the ...

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My Apartment—Soon to be Left Behind

The damp, barely carpeted stairs lead to thin misfitted doors that could be blown down in one breath. Little pigs, little pigs, let me in to watch the knick-knacks scatter across the paint encrusted drafting table, into the cracks of the paisley’s thrown on sunken couch cushions, in between the secret pages of broken spines and folded ears.

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They call us Gnome & Monster, or Naomi & Edward. His family calls him Ted, even though his middle name is Louis—a family curiosity that every member has a different story for. He looked like a teddy bear as small toddler, he should have been named Theodore after his grandfather, and He gives hugs like a bear. His mother and ...

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Integral Temerity

Written during 1380-1392, Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales presents “Wife of Bath’s Tale,” a story narrated by the Wife of Bath herself, a woman traveling among a large group of men; a woman fearless and outspoken on her views of love and marriage. Immediately, in her prologue, Wife dissects and criticizes what “men may interpret and gloss up and down” (233) ...

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