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Applying Psychoanalysis to I’ll Give You the Sun


The dynamics involved in a nuclear family are full of psychoanalytic opportunities; this is especially the case in the contemporary novel I’ll Give You the Sun because the family consists of a closeted gay son, a promiscuous daughter, and a husband and wife whose marriage is failing. Twins Noah and Jude are in the middle of a serious rivalry when ...

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Cheering or Cheerful?

pom poms

“Let’s go, let’s go! L-e-t-s g-o!” I cheered for the millionth time trying to be as enthusiastic as possible. The fake smile was spread across my face as I pretended to be as cheerful as the crowd. In my mind, cheerleading was my gateway to popularity. My high ponytail, bright white cheer shoes, and short skirt made it seem as ...

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What Are Miles?


What are miles, but notes in a song? With every passing moment creating a beautiful memory. It will take time and patience for that melody to truly take root, for that true character to materialize. But in the distant lies the future, you are unsure where this road leads. If you keep pushing through the unknown mountain side; not looking ...

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Zucchini Heaven


The heat of the summer sun beat down as we fight with the hard ground to bring forth some sort of useable lifeform. All the unwanted pests and weeds have to be delivered from the garden, and holes and trenches must be dug so that the seeds will bear healthy fruit. Day by day, the plants grow as water sinks ...

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Christmas is Near

Christmas tree

How does one know when Christmas is near? The outside is cold, And the streets are slipperily smooth and frozen. Blankets of snow lie among households, And mound upon the grass. As if holding on for its life, the snow grasps to the trees. The wind rages with anger throughout the night sky, Thrusting open doors allowing snow to draft ...

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Frame Analysis of a Persuasive Artifact: Jon Stewart

The Daily Show

Political satire has achieved high popularity in the United States, heavily influencing American views. The face of political satire today is undoubtedly Jon Stewart. Stewart has become one of the most influential figures in political news since joining “The Daily Show” as anchor in 1999. Surveys even indicate that most men and women under the age of 35 use the ...

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The Eternal Dispute: Constitutional Interpretation


Few would argue that the American Constitution is not a historical and political marvel that radically transformed the nature of government forever. It not only provided stability to the fledgling nation, but it also gave the new republic the chance to prove to the world that the republican experiment could work. However, this document created a major dispute in less ...

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The Dropping of a Pebble

pond ripples

Pebbles are dropped into a pond Revolutions unfold- One by One their ripples Rise Up- It seems their Minds are sold- Droplets Stand Tall and make a Scene Then fall back into place- Yet their Aftershocks continue on In their beautiful, Righteous Race How the liquid glass has shattered! Water peaks then splashes- Caused by the hand of One child- ...

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Cleverly Telling the End

Edgar Allan Poe

There is a great scene in the film Hitchcock that reminds me of Edgar Allan Poe’s cunning wit when it comes to foreshadowing. Alfred Hitchcock is talking to the reporters and a woman wants to know about his movie, Psycho. She asks him, “How does it end?” and he cleverly responds by telling her “I promised mother I wouldn’t tell ...

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