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In 1984 a man named Kirk Bloodsworth was convicted of the rape and murder of a nine-year-old girl and was placed on death row. This man was convicted largely due to testimony of five eyewitnesses who identified him as the one who committed this horrible crime. However, after spending nine years in prison, DNA testing proved Bloodsworth to be innocent ...

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All That Glitters

Big Brother

Considering recent events, it is increasingly unclear as to just who government figures intend to benefit with various policies they deem to be essential for ‘progress.’ As with all history, one only needs a few minutes of research to learn that this is nothing new (assuming, of course, that one can still acquire adequate access to the internet at the ...

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Applying Psychoanalysis to I’ll Give You the Sun


The dynamics involved in a nuclear family are full of psychoanalytic opportunities; this is especially the case in the contemporary novel I’ll Give You the Sun because the family consists of a closeted gay son, a promiscuous daughter, and a husband and wife whose marriage is failing. Twins Noah and Jude are in the middle of a serious rivalry when ...

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wooded road

My mother was the sort of woman who wound her way through unfamiliar places only to see if she could find her road home. But she was also the sort who sunk with relief into habit after a day made long by the weary world of customer service, happily exchanging adventure for the same patch of pavement every day for ...

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Great Grandpa


Great-grandpa spent the majority of his life at the bottom of a bottle. I never knew him, but that’s what they tell me. They say it was to drown out the memories. Memories of his time spent overseas in the Pacific Theater, during World War II. Grandpa manned the 50 cal., the big machine gun that was mounted on the ...

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Taboo: “a social or religious custom prohibiting discussion of a particular practice or forbidding association with a particular person, place, or thing.” My version of taboo: something that seriously freaks people out, causing them to avoid it at all costs, and even going so far as to shame the people who do talk about it, hoping that the shame will ...

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Cheering or Cheerful?

pom poms

“Let’s go, let’s go! L-e-t-s g-o!” I cheered for the millionth time trying to be as enthusiastic as possible. The fake smile was spread across my face as I pretended to be as cheerful as the crowd. In my mind, cheerleading was my gateway to popularity. My high ponytail, bright white cheer shoes, and short skirt made it seem as ...

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Running away is an art form, just like bank robbing, chess, and covering up a serious crime. It takes planning, quick thinking, and a sprinkle of luck. You can’t just run away on impulse; you have to wait it out until you’ve got a destination and a way to pay for it. (If the world was peaceful and in harmony ...

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Mike’s Garage

gas station

I walked up and looked around, the Model T pulled up to the garage. A breezy young woman walked inside and greeted Mr. Mike. The woman walked over to the Coke machine and put a nickel in the slot. Out popped a nice cold glass bottle of soda. She popped the bottle cap off and it went flying onto stacked ...

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