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How the Unmotivated Can Become Leaders


Abstract Assessment tools were researched to grade the workforce and identify unmotivated employees. The importance of culture is emphasized in order to develop organizational strategies for staffing, training and development. Various tools are discussed to allow organizations to connect with the unmotivated employees and encourage change. The growth of individuals into leaders is elaborated upon; how it is accomplished and ...

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Get Fit Trine: Proposal to Increase the Amount of Physical Activity and Increase Physical Education for Trine Students

human checkers

Executive Summary Lack of exercise is a problem across the country and especially on college campuses. Exercise is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle for anyone, especially college students. There are many potential negative effects to not getting enough exercise. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), a person is at risk for more life-threatening diseases if ...

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Frame Analysis of a Persuasive Artifact: Jon Stewart

The Daily Show

Political satire has achieved high popularity in the United States, heavily influencing American views. The face of political satire today is undoubtedly Jon Stewart. Stewart has become one of the most influential figures in political news since joining “The Daily Show” as anchor in 1999. Surveys even indicate that most men and women under the age of 35 use the ...

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The Eternal Dispute: Constitutional Interpretation


Few would argue that the American Constitution is not a historical and political marvel that radically transformed the nature of government forever. It not only provided stability to the fledgling nation, but it also gave the new republic the chance to prove to the world that the republican experiment could work. However, this document created a major dispute in less ...

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This Old Faded Ball


When I pick up the faded basketball, I immediately recognize the gold trimmed black Wilson logo on it. As I hold it in my hands, the ball almost molds into my now adult grip. However, as a young boy the fit was not always this perfect. Bouncing the ball I can smell the years of sweat that the leather holds. ...

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The Webspinner


The cobblestone dissolved into mud half a mile from the city limits, and the carriage horse was soon pastern-deep in fast-flowing water. It yanked at the reins, cantering blindly into the splattering wind. At last it staggered to a halt, snorting at the rain running ceaselessly down its face. The carriage door flew open, smacking back against the vehicle in ...

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The Lady of the Wood

woman in woods

I look deep into the flickering flames of the fire. It is fascinating to watch the yellow fade to orange as the flame slinks away from the fuel, orange to red, and red into the darkness of night. The melodic laughter of the children dances through the wind from where they sit on the ground, as close to the fire ...

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Colored breezes dance between the Trembling leaves that inhabit the Mushroom trees. The sociable Flowerbeds siren their melody, that Infests any bystanders heart and Body. Large caterpillars lounge atop Draping umbrella shaped leaves, all The evil queens sternly straighten Their sleeves. White roses dripping Their red paint, speak of their saint. A lady wrapped in respectable cloths So fine, all ...

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The Sound of Rain


I wakened to the tears of fate The hush of death The wind’s debate The willow’s breath And on the roof the roaring stream The wings of cloud The winter’s dream And fluxing loud Across the land the hiss of drops That raven’s purr That never stops A muted whir That sings our song from day to day Until the ...

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