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Cleverly Telling the End

Edgar Allan Poe

There is a great scene in the film Hitchcock that reminds me of Edgar Allan Poe’s cunning wit when it comes to foreshadowing. Alfred Hitchcock is talking to the reporters and a woman wants to know about his movie, Psycho. She asks him, “How does it end?” and he cleverly responds by telling her “I promised mother I wouldn’t tell ...

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Social Class and Revolution

French Revolution

Some of the most important events in world history have been revolutions. Often times, revolutions can drastically change the social order not just of a country, but of an entire region as it responds to the revolution occurring in its neighbor. Two of the most influential revolutions, occurring in the modern day United States and France, have set the standard ...

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Like a Time Bomb

ship in a bottle

Sometimes he just disappears for hours. Often we will find him outside working in the yard. He may be meticulously cutting and trimming the grass, clipping the hedges, watering the flowers, or cleaning up the dog’s messes. Whatever the task may be that day, he is by himself. Occasionally, one of us kids will volunteer our assistance, and even when ...

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Familiar Faces


Have you ever looked at strangers and thought they look like someone you know? This happens to me all the time. I’m constantly saying, “You look familiar!” or “I feel like I know you.” So when I had this happen nine days before my sixteenth birthday in a courtroom full of strangers, I thought nothing of it. I was just ...

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11-Year-Old Superstar


In the late days of summer, the sun shone brightly and warmed the baseball cap sitting atop my head. I squinted at the sphere of light and quickly began to imagine the size and extreme temperature of the distant star. My thoughts wandered to the tuft of grass that inhabited the spot where I was standing in the baseball field. ...

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American Bird


I was 18 and a half weeks pregnant and it might have been twins and I didn’t know the gender but I knew that my belly was full and rounded and had lots of purple stretch marks and I still took the stairs even though I would get to her office too winded to talk for the first five minutes ...

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“This is AI-M17.5.16, trial completed” Liam mumbled into his dictation headset, ending yet another pointless day in the Artificial Intelligence Research division at TitanTech Industries. “To date, all trials of the Mark 17 Infinity algorithm have yielded no tangible or repeatable results. All sixteen proto-singularities have experienced varying degrees of corruption, and are incapable of sustainable regeneration and reproduction. It ...

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The Testing of Lauren Hemsley


Lauren cracked her knuckles anxiously, the sound obscenely loud in the subdued quiet of the room. Relax, she told herself. You’re perfectly ready for this—within the hour it’ll all be over and done with. Breathe. Thus reassured, she sat up a little straighter, her spine parallel to the rigid metal chair back rising up behind her. The room around her ...

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