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Once It Was a Burden


Once it was a burden A household chore I moved on to an apartment Where mowing the lawn was no more As the stages of life Provided me a plan My wife and I purchased a home And I think of one man It is a time solotude And a time of physical labor As I manicure my lawn And ...

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Thoughts on a War


Part I A midafternoon tromp through the mall That will deter the ominous thoughts for a menial hour or two A mother holds her son’s hand as they stand in line After her husband’s deployment two months ago, she is able to ignore the loneliness and solitude Waiting is no longer all she can do Instead she is strong for ...

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Two brothers One rivalry One love Only a brother could understand the playful fight. What one may see as torture, is actually a symbol of protection. Though the two look the same the four years difference appears; the older embraces the younger in a headlock. Two brothers One rivalry One love The younger, stuck under the wing of the older, ...

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The Eyes of Hazel


My grandfather once asked me, “Would you rather hear an amazing story from a mediocre storyteller, or a mediocre story from an amazing storyteller?” I was very young at the time, so I kept my mouth shut and looked at him expectantly. That was what I usually did whenever my grandfather talked to me, and it is probably the wisest ...

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Distances Between


“They’re always just so young and so far away…” “Why do you always say that?” asked the slightly older boy. Most of his features were hidden in the darkness. The flickering candle gave brief views of his panicked eyes and his sharp nose. His most notable feature was his bottom lip that had two buck teeth dug sharply into it. ...

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Harriette Lewis was beautiful. Ames watched as she twirled around the ballroom in her sky-blue birthday gown. The strand of sapphires around her slender neck flashed as she moved, a tiny chain of starlight surrounded by a cascade of mahogany-colored hair. He had known her since they were both small, though he was several years her senior. She had always ...

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And That is All For Tonight


During the past few months, I have begun to appreciate the reasons why my parents raised me in the manner they did. I understand why my mother told me to never talk with strangers, why I was made to finish my spinach and squash at supper, and why my mouth was washed out with soap when I used bad language. ...

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My Poppa is Peter Pan


It took me a long time to decide to write about my grandpa, but I’m one of those people who believe that writing heals. It’s a way to remember him the way he was, not the way he is now. Today, my mother assures me, I wouldn’t even recognize him. She wants to save me the pain of seeing him, ...

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Memories Made on Samuel Croft Farm


Upon arriving at my house after school every afternoon, the first things to meet my eyes are the tall evergreen and deciduous trees that consume the five acre property. Greeted by the battered, gray mailbox with its mouth agape, I make my way up my long driveway lined with pine trees that my mother planted when my parents first moved ...

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Thinking With Portals: A Rhetorical Analysis of Portal


Video games are incredibly popular. In June of 2011, the video game industry was forecast globally to take in $65 billion that year (Baker, 2011). In twenty-some years of existence, video games have spawned an international co-culture. The fame of such recent video games as the Halo and Gears of War series exemplify the heights to which video games can ...

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