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I Met My Grandmother Through a Photograph


She is holding me right after I was born, shortly before she died. Everything I know about her is from pictures, and there’s not many of those because my grandfather took after Napoleon in many ways and burned all evidence of my grandmother’s existence after her unwilling exit from his life. She was beautiful, and sometimes I think I miss ...

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Bad Math


It was one of those eerie silences The type that could only be broken by one lone tear And I swear as it hit the ground, it sounded like bombs exploding And it was silent again Silent enough to hear a pin drop, but too loud to concentrate on a single thought Her mind was flustered Her heart was broken ...

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Alexander Voltaire


My name is Fable and I am a historian. The world as it was is no longer. I write this tale to inform people in the future of the events that took place here on this grassy plain. I write this tale based on observation and information from key players with a little of my own input. From what we ...

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At the End of the Pier


The moon lights the way as Trudy walks down the road. The darkness shadows the houses that line the street. Streetlights give off a faint light in the fog that is settling in. Trudy continues to walk down the road feeling the familiar yet faint surroundings as she goes. She finally gets to an unfamiliar part of town where the ...

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The Secret Goldfish


Hi, my name’s Jericho. No, not the city that Joshua knocked down by walkin’ around it¸ but it’s my name. Jericho Titus Fudbaum. I’m named after some good friend that my parents had back when they were in college or somethin’ like that. They said that his name was Titus Jericho, but I think my parents might have been a ...

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For most high school students, the idea of an English class churns their stomachs and fills them with disdain, and I was no exception. For the longest time, English had a terrible connotation in my mind. I had never enjoyed the idea of writing a paper; it seemed pointless and I felt reading the required media was asinine. Overall, English ...

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I sat anxiously with my flute resting on my lap as I caught myself sneaking glances at the ticking clock on the wall. My foot tapped furiously, not to the beat of the song that was being played, but to the beat of my heart. Each time I looked at the clock I grew more and more nervous of the ...

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Literacy Narrative


Going into high school, I knew two things were certain. The first fact was plain and simple. There were no gimmicks, no fine print to be picked apart by overzealous lawyers; it was all so crystal clear. All of my classmates knew what was about to happen as well. The fact was, we were now high school freshman, therefore, expect ...

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Stop, You’re Making Me Blush


Freshman year of high school had finally arrived, and I was filled with a jumble of emotions. Barely fourteen, I was apprehensive about entering a school where I would essentially be insignificant. My heart would pound every time an upperclassman walked by, and I was constantly worrying about pleasing my teachers. In a nutshell, I was a nervous wreck. Every ...

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Bond by Chains


There are many things in life that restrict progress, whether it be circumstance or people. What if life itself restricts living? What if living was forces you into an isolated world of stagnancy? The story “The Secret Goldfish” by David Means deals with themes of restriction and isolation by drawing parallels between the life of a neglected goldfish and that ...

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