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The canteen was still dim when Dul plopped his tray down in the middle of one of the long picnic-bench-like tables in the room. The sun was not yet up, and the fluorescent lights above cast a sickly, pale light on the room. Despite being almost eight hundred hours, the sun was yet visible. It wouldn’t be until nearly high ...

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The Strength and Compassion of Cats in Myth and Lore


Mythology brings to life the ancient stories of gods, heroic figures, and evil. Anthropomorphism was used to give the mythological gods human traits that should and should not be emulated but not all gods retained human form. In our readings we discussed gods that changed into animal forms to accomplish tasks or to conquer guardian beasts or evil beings. Zoomorphisms ...

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Analysis of Physics Education Methodology


I. Summary of Physics Education Teaching Strategies The goal of education today is to make the student the center of instruction and assessment. Different aspects of this suggest higher order learning through constructivism, inquiry learning, multiple intelligences and alternative assessment. This paper’s focus will be on physics instruction strategies. Considering this more in depth, it will look at the definitions ...

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Street Corner Symphony


There’s something about the concrete angel on Michigan Avenue that draws street performers to its outstretched wings. The man in the slick yellow raincoat— matching clarinet in hand— seduces holiday shoppers with reedy Christmas tunes. The young men from the projects caress the angel’s wings with their drumsticks tapping out a beat picked up by the disabled veteran shaking a ...

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Voiceless Voices


Somewhere, someone Has hands that tell stories of every book they’ve ever read Everything they’ve ever thought And everything they’ve never said The loudest silence ever seen Seemed to be seen with sight Hands that recite the same poems they write Somewhere, someone Has the voice of an angel, that will never be heard Muffled by God’s will, but as ...

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Black Cigarettes and White Wine


The old man stopped by the fire escape, To weave his colored yarn. With tired eyes and lines that disguise, He stared up towards the sky. The stars shine so bright on nights like these, When the roar of the highway comes through like rain, Calming and cold and completely awake, But different all the same. He lit up his ...

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Summer of ‘05


“Oh, when I look back now, that summer seemed to last forever. And if I had the choice. Ya- I’d always wanna be there. Those were the best days of my life.” –Bryan Adams The middle of winter in northern Minnesota: short days, long nights, and sub-zero temperatures. During this time of the year I find myself missing Colorado, where ...

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Overcoming the Odds


“Every day for ten years, I thought God hated me,” he told me. I sat there, shocked and speechless. The man sitting in front of me is the most optimistic person I know. For him to say such a negative thing really surprised me. “It took me until my junior year in high school to realize there was a reason ...

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I can’t turn back now. What would be the point? I’ve already gotten past the police line, into the house and am now standing at the doorway of the bedroom. What would be the point of turning around and walking out now, when I’d come so far? Closing my eyes I forced myself to take a deep breath, feeling the ...

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In a valley below the Dark Lord’s castle a mighty battle raged between the Army of Indon and the Resistance. Swords clashed and arrows flew as the two armies battled. Neither side willing to accept defeat, continued to fight until their last warrior was sacrificed. While the battle raged, up inside the castle two warriors stood in front of the ...

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