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baby crying

Silence: Bliss or Curse


It can mean so much to some,
and be so despised by others.

A new mother holding her screaming child,
trying to get her to go to sleep.
After many hours of piercing wails,
she finally falls into nights keep.
The serenity and stillness is so abundant and rare,
the mother can do nothing but savor her brief bliss.

A young man walking the dangerous streets of home,
whilst the world around rumbles and bustles.
The usual commotion changes to panic so quickly,
as people begin to hide and hustle.
Loud booms shake everything around him,
and afterward, nothing but the stillness of death and destruction.

A construction worker laboring on the most recent job,
toiling away to the rhythm of the work site.
She hears the signaling whistle, and the rhythm changes,
as everyone heads to their homes for the night.
She is the last to her car, and sinks into her seat,
and sighs as she hears the wind and the ringing in her ears.

An old man hosting a party,
his house all full of cheer.
But the clock rings late,
and everyone begins to clear.
He is left alone, in his large, extravagant home,
but he sulks to his room, followed only by his echo.