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Once It Was a Burden

Once it was a burden
A household chore
I moved on to an apartment
Where mowing the lawn was no more

As the stages of life
Provided me a plan
My wife and I purchased a home
And I think of one man

It is a time solotude
And a time of physical labor
As I manicure my lawn
And compete with my neighbor

I understand the process of
Every part of my lawnmowers function
And as I walk behind my machine
I reflect on a junction

A junction where I learned
That my Father did not have time
To work sixty hours
And keep the lawn as green as a lime

It was once a burden
But now every time
I steady my mower
To cut a laser line

I still think about that man
And his belief of doing a job right
Talking with him was once a burden
I only wish he were here tonight