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In a valley below the Dark Lord’s castle a mighty battle raged between the Army of Indon and the Resistance. Swords clashed and arrows flew as the two armies battled. Neither side willing to accept defeat, continued to fight until their last warrior was sacrificed.

While the battle raged, up inside the castle two warriors stood in front of the doors that lead to the throne room of the Dark Lord. The doors were a glossy black and embroiled with valiant designs and twisting lines. The handles for the doors were made of solid gold with rubies imbedded into them.

The Dark Lord was an evil man who was bent on world conquest. He had used his massive army to destroy any and all that stood in his way.

The two warriors were mentally preparing themselves for the final battle. “Well, are you ready, Ami?” Jacen asked. Jacen was a man of twenty-three years of age. He stood a few inches above six feet and had a well toned build from years of training. He wore loose fitting pants and a tight fitting shirt that was reinforced with light armor. The armor was strong enough that it would stop a grazing blow from most weapons. He carried twin swords on his back.

The blades were the Duel Blades of Azernath. They were twin katanas with solid black sheaths. The hilt of each sword was also black but had a red diamond design running in a spiraling pattern up and down the length. These swords were part of the prophecy that told of the only way the Dark Lord would be defeated.

“Ready as ever, O’ Chosen One,” replied his teammate, Ami. The female was a good half foot shorter than Jacen and had an athletic build. Ami dressed in a very loose red battle armor with gold trimming. Her outfit was made to not decrease her speed but still give her protection if needed. She carried a wooden bow in her left hand and a quiver full of arrows was strapped to her back.

“How many times do I have to tell you?” Jacen whined, “Don’t call me ‘Chosen One’.”

“But you are the chosen one.”

“Yes, but that still doesn’t mean I want to be called that.”

Ami shrugged him off saying it was time to go. Before she could open the massive doors, Jacen grabbed hold of her arm and stopped her. Turning back around she gave him a look of confusion.

“Ami, before we go in there, there is something I need to tell you,” Jacen took a deep a deep breath before continuing, “ Just in case one of us doesn’t make it. I just want you to know that I…”

“Stop,” Ami cut him off, “Don’t say it now.”

“Why not? This might be my only chance to do it.”

“Because, if you say what I’m hoping you’re going to say, then we will go in to this battle content, and most likely end up dying,” Ami explained, “But if you have unfinished business then you will make sure to come out of this alive.”

Jacen understood her reasoning and even though he wanted to tell her. He just nodded at her and went to open the doors. With Ami at his side, they both pushed open one of the doors to the chamber.

The room was huge, easily stretching over eighty feet in width and a little over twice as long. The majority of the room was open space with solid stone flooring. Four large windows graced the side walls reaching from the twenty foot ceiling to a few feet above the floor, letting the sun light enter the room. Each widow dawned blood red curtains that stretched the full height of the room.

Opposite of the door sat the Dark Lord drinking a glass of red wine. He was sitting in a throne of gold with red velvet and expensive gems. The Dark Lord wore a black pair of pants and black light armor covering his torso. His armor left the shoulders open for easy movement.

Once he saw the two in the doorway, The Dark Lord stood to his full height of near seven feet tall. He had wide shoulders and multiple scars racing across his arms. He looked like he was in his late forties with years of experience under his belt.

“Greetings, young ones,” The Dark Lord spoke in a deep voice that seemed to echo in his own throat, “May I inquire why you are here?”

“We are here to put an end to your reign of tyranny,” Jacen said pulling out both his blades while Ami plucked an arrow from her quiver.

The Dark Lord laughed out loud at Jacen’s words. “You? You don’t stand a chance against me, boy. So take that girl of yours and leave before I decide to kill both of you where you stand.” Once he finished, the Dark Lord went to take a drink of his wine, but before he could the glass shattered and the red wine drenched his hand.

“You really should take us seriously,” Jacen said causing the Dark Lord to look over at the two and see Ami pulling a second arrow and notch it her bow.

The Dark Lord threw the pieces of the glass that was still in his hand to the side and drew his broad sword out of its sheath that was attached at his waist. “Fine. I will kill you and make that girl one of my slaves.”

With that Jacen and the Dark Lord charged at each other. Their swords clashed once they met at the middle of the clearing. The Dark Lord pulled his sword back up above his head and brought it down only to have it blocked by Jacen’s swords. This action gave the Dark Lord a good look at the twin blades.

“Ah, so these are the famed Duel Blades of Azernath.”

“Yes, they are,” Jacen replied, “and they are what’s going to defeat you.”

“Sorry, my boy. But I’ll destroy you and then I’ll take these and they will make great toothpicks for me to use.”

The Dark Lord suddenly jumped back to avoid an arrow from hitting him. As soon as he landed, Jacen charged with both swords ready at his sides. Bringing the sword on his left hand up Jacen did a diagonal swing down that was blocked by the Dark Lord’s sword. With the sword in his right hand Jacen did a jab and was able to cut into the Dark Lord’s left shoulder.

The cut did not seam to phase the Dark Lord as he started on the offensive. Swinging his broad sword with high skill, Jacen was hard pressed to block all the swings. Luckily for Jacen, all of the Dark Lord’s attention was not on him. Even while the Dark Lord was attacking, he had to watch for the occasional arrow that flew at him from the archer.

Due to the lack of full attention on him, Jacen was able to slide under an attack from the Dark Lord and deliver a strike to the chest. Feeling the pain the Dark Lord swung violently and was able to hit Jacen in the upper left arm.

Both warriors jumped away from each other. Both knew that the other was weakened at this point, but still had a lot left in them before they would fall. The Dark Lord had a deep gash across his chest darkening the already black armor with his blood. While Jacen was having a hard time holding the sword in his left hand due to the slash cut into his arm.

“I’ll give you credit, boy,” The Dark Lord announced, “But you are still far too young to defeat me.”

“We’ll see about that,” Jacen retorted.

The two charged again. With the Dark Lord attacking onto Jacen weaken left side. Jacen was trying his best to keep up with the Dark Lord’s attacks by blocking with his right and giving light jabs and slashes with his left.

The Dark Lord had the advantage at the moment and had added a few good strikes to Jacen’s body. The Dark Lord attempted a swing from his left to right. Jacen shifted back to avoid the blow, but he was not able to get his blade in his left hand out of the way.

The Dark Lord’s swing connected fully with the sword and knocked it out of Jacen’s hand and across the room. Realizing the blade was gone, Jacen placed both hands on his now lone blade and prepared to continue the fight.

With only having the one sword Jacen could not go on the offensive. He then retorted to just blocking the oncoming attacks. All was not lost as Jacen was able to get in a few strikes on the Dark Lord when he had an opening in the dark ones guard.

While the two attacked each other, Ami ran over and grabbed the second sword that was on the ground and placed it in her belt strap. She then launched three arrows quickly at the Dark Lord. Two of them missed, but the third struck him in the side.

The Dark Lord jumped back from Jacen and placed a hand at where the arrow had pierced him. Grimacing as he yanked it from his from his body and tossed it to the side.

“You will pay for that,” the Dark Lord said pointing his sword at Ami.

While he was distracted with Ami, Jacen sprinted towards the Dark Lord to attempt to land a solid blow. Before Jacen could land his swing, the Dark Lord spun around and knocked Jacen’s feet out from under him.

Laying on his back and staring up at the Dark Lord, Jacen knew he was in trouble. The Dark Lord gave an evil grin as he raised his sword to finish the battle. He then brought down his broad sword with all his might planning to cut Jacen in two.

At the last moment Jacen brought up his sword to attempt to block. The force of the downward swing shattered the blade in Jacen’s hand. Luckily for Jacen, even though his blade had broken, it did its job and changed the course of the Dark Lord’s blade. Instead of slicing into his head, the broad sword cut into his right shoulder.

Laughing out loud the Dark Lord withdrew his sword out of Jacen’s shoulder and kicked the hilt of the broken blade out of Jacen’s hand. “Looks like you fail, boy,” the Dark Lord said piercing his sword through Jacen’s upper chest and leaning over him to use his full weight behind the cut.

Jacen let out a scream of pain as the sword was plunged through him. The Dark Lord removed the blade and rose it to deliver the final blow by cutting off his head. Jacen could not help but watch as the blade seem to come at him in slow motion.

Before the Dark Lord could complete his plan, an arrow struck him in the right shoulder from behind. Halting his blade in mid-swing, the Dark Lord turned around with the intentions to finish the archer first before ending the wounded warrior at his feet.

Before he could fully get around and prepare himself, a strong kick connected under his jaw. The kick knocked him away from Jacen and out of the fight for a few minutes until he could breathe through his throat properly.

“Don’t touch him,” Ami yelled at the Dark Lord. She was now standing where the Dark Lord use to be.

Once she saw that the Dark Lord was momentarily out of the fight, she turned to Jacen to check on him. Jacen had already gotten himself to sit up, and he was staring at the biggest piece of the shattered blade he could find near him. The piece that he held was the tip of the sword and about eight inches long.

“Here,” Ami said holding out the other Blade of Azernath, “You still got this one.”

“But how am I going to defeat him with only one blade. The prophecy said that he would only fall when my swords crossed at his heart.”

“I don’t know, but I trust you and I believe you will find a way to do it,” she said giving a genital smile.

Jacen’s resolve solidified at that, and he reached up and grabbed the sword in her hand. When both Ami’s and Jacen’s hand were both on the hilt the blade started to glow a bright white.

“This has never happened before,” Jacen said looking at the blade. He then brought the piece of the other blade up and saw it was not glowing.

“Yeah, I’ve never seen that either,” Ami said letting go of the hilt. As soon as she did the blade stopped glowing.

Getting an idea Jacen told Ami to grab hold of the broken sword. Confused at his request, she reached out and took hold of one end while Jacen kept hold of the other. The blade started to glow just like the other had done. At that point Jacen let go of his end and saw that the blade stopped glowing just like before.

“You know what I’m thinking,” Jacen said receiving a confused look as and answer, “I think we misunderstood the prophecy.”

“What do you mean?”

“Ever since we found it, we thought that it was saying ‘when my swords cross’. But I think it was really saying ‘when the Chosen Ones’ blades cross’.”

“I don’t get what you’re saying,” Ami confessed.

“It’s saying there is more than one Chosen One,” Jacen said, “I have a plan, just trust me on this.”

As he told her the new plan, the Dark Lord was able to compose himself. He then spoke out catching the attention of the other two. “You will pay dearly for that.”

Ami and Jacen split up at his words. Ami ran to the side firing a few arrows at the Dark Lord. Jacen once again charged. Being more cautious this round, after the first attack Jacen chose to be on the defensive.

Jacen’s whole body was in pain from each injury. As each swing of the Dark Lord that connected vibrated through his whole body attacking at each cut he had. Jacen knew he had to hold out until the plan could be completed.

Each swing from the Dark Lord forced Jacen to shift his position and block with his own sword. Suddenly Jacen’s back connected with one of the walls. Having no place to go, Jacen knew this would be the end of the fight.

“You did good, boy,” the Dark Lord arrogantly, “but it seems like this is the end.”

“Yes,” Jacen said with a grin slowly creeping onto his face, “Yes, it is.”

Suddenly the Dark Lord arched backwards and howled in pain. Taking his only chance Jacen raised his sword and plunged into the Dark Lord’s chest. This caused the Dark Lord to stumble back and collapse to his knees.

“But…but how?” The Dark Lord asked, “I destroyed your second sword.”

Ami appeared beside Jacen and helped him to stay standing. “Yes you did,” Jacen replied, “but it left a piece long enough that Ami tied it to one of her arrows.”

“And with a little pluck of a string. I pierced you in the back and Jacen pierced the front. Therefore the Dark One falls when the Chosen Ones’ blades cross at the heart,” Ami finished by quoting the prophecy.

“This can’t be,” the Dark Lord yelled, “No, no, nooo…” The Dark Lord was then engulfed in a white light that forced Ami and Jacen to cover their eyes. When the light faded the body of the Dark Lord was gone and the only thing left in the spot where he was were the blades.

At seeing this, both warriors let out a sigh of relief and collapsed onto the stone floor leaning on each other. They sat there in the quiet realizing their journey was finally over.

“We won, O’ Chosen One,” Ami spoke breaking the silence.

“Yes, we did, O’ Chosen One,” Jacen replied back using the name that had always annoyed him.

Ami shifted until she was now in front of Jacen leaning close to him. “Now, weren’t you going to tell me something before all this?” she said smirking at how uncomfortable she was making him.

Jacen blushed at remembering what he was going to say. After facing and surviving the Dark Lord, Jacen knew he could admit this to her without a problem.

“I wanted to tell you that I lov…” he started but was cut off by the arrival of five figures.

The five new comers were wearing long dark red cloaks and had the hoods up hiding their faces. They were lined up in a ‘V’ shape with the point facing the duo. Their arrival caused Ami to jump up and notch an arrow to be ready to fight if needed. Jacen slowly rose to help as much as he could.

Before anyone could say anything, the five cloaked people dropped down to one knee and bowed their heads to the duo. The Lead figure then spoke out, “What are commands, my king?”

Looking at each other in confusion, both Ami and Jacen gave a shoulder shrug not knowing what was going on. Ami then asked the question that was on both of their minds, “Who are you? And why are you calling him your king?”

“We are members of the high council, my queen,” the leader spoke again, “He is now our king by our laws. Just as you are now our queen.”

“What laws? We don’t understand what you’re saying,” Jacen said.

“One of the laws of this kingdom is that you keep what you kill,” the councilman to the leaders left explained, “and since you killed the previous king, you and the queen have now taken the title of rulers of the Kingdom of Indon.”

The room was silent as Ami and Jacen let the new information sink in. Neither knew anything about leading a kingdom, and now they were both now assigned doing the job due to a law that had been set for the land. Jacen not being able to help himself started laughing. Ami gave him a questioning look hoping that he had not lost his sanity.

“Well,” Jacen said after composing himself, “This definitely was not part of anything I thought was going to happen today. So we now rule over this kingdom?”

“Yes, my king.”

“Alright, well then,” Jacen said as he walked towards the councilmen, “my first command is to go out and stop this war. There is no need for anymore lives to be lost.


Music was playing as Jacen made his way through the crowd of people towards the stage that he was to address the people from. Each person he passed congratulated him for ending the battle. Though he did like the attention, getting it from everyone as he walked was a little too much for him.

Jacen now wore a brand new suit of battle armor that he had found inside the Dark Lord’s castle. Once his other friends had found out that he was going to be the new king they tried to get him into fancy and expensive robes and jewelry. But Jacen shot that idea down, stating that he wanted people to follow him because of who he was, not what he dressed like.

He was fighting through the crowd by himself. He wanted to walk with Ami, but she told him that she would meet him there. For the last week since the battle the two had not seen much of each other, and if they did it was with a multitude of people and they could not talk privately with each other.

When he finally made it to the stage, he quickly ducked backstage. Once back there he plopped down into one of the chairs that were set up. “Dang, I don’t think I want to do this king thing.”

“Oh,” a familiar voice said from his left, “and you’re just going to leave me to do this all by myself then?”

Looking to his left to see Ami walk into the room. He was going to speak, but his voice was caught in his thought as he got a good look at her. Ami was wearing a light blue version of her normal clothing. Instead of being loose like before it was very form fitting and showed off her figure. She had her long brown hair tied into a low ponytail that went down to her mid back.

Jacen instantly jumped up from his seat as he tried to form a comprehendible thought. His eyes were wide and his mouth was gabbing like a fish out of water.

“So, how do I look?” Ami asked showing off for him.

“Ah…um…um” he stumbled out until he could form a single word, “Wow.”

Ami giggled at his reaction and walked over and stood in front of him. “So, Jacen, if I remember correctly you were going to tell me something after we beat the Dark Lord.”

“Yeah, I was,” he replied with his cheeks slowly gaining a light pink coloring.

“What was it?” she said leaning in close to him.

The newly appointed king was quiet for a few moments as he thought about what how he was going to go about confessing. He formed a sly smirk when an idea finally came to him.

Before she could react, Ami found herself pulled into Jacen’s chest by his right arm. “I could tell you,” Jacen said softly, “but I rather show you.” With that Jacen closed the gap between the two and captured her lips with hers.

At the moment their lips met it seemed as though time had stopped for the two. After what seemed like forever to them, they finally pulled apart from each other and had to catch their breaths.

“You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for that,” Ami said after a few moments.

“Well, my queen, you’ll never have to wait again,” Jacen replied.

Before either could say anything else two members of the council walked into the room. “Sorry for the intrusion, my lord,” one of the councilmen addressed the two, “but your inauguration will be starting soon.”

“Alright,” Jacen replied, “go inform them that we will be out there soon.”

Both councilmen bowed to the two and exited the room to the stage to address the people that their leaders would soon be there.

Once they left Jacen looked over at Ami who was now standing to his left and, asked, “Any chance we could sneak out of here and disappear?”

“No there isn’t.”

“I didn’t think so.”

“Well, my king, let’s get this over with,” Ami said taking his arm in hers and dragging him towards the stage and into a new future.