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Haunting Dreams, Only I Can See

Sunlight pours like the first day of Spring;
Liberty cries through their eyes.

Skylarks tweedle a morning grace.

Fireflies feel the warmness of trees;
Cherry blossoms bring a sneaky sneeze.

Airplanes crashing;
blinking the eye of a hurricane.

Cascading lava flares the sky.
Clouds of smog fume the air.
Bodies dive deeper in rolling puffs of vapor.

Debris cakes an ashy outline onto a bench;
A butterfly, landing on a broken branch.

A young couple, no longer caressing common creeds.

The park bench grinds to pepper.
Interstates break into raceway tracks.

Oceans tide the mountain tops;
Submerging the rubble.

The butterfly skids from the smack of a bat.
I jump from the cliff as the sky sparks black.

“June bug, come inside!” a mother cries.
“It’s fine my dear, the sun will rise.”

“Adios justo amigo,” I say to the shrunken sky,
While the final 7up sip prickles my lips.