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Good to See You

I am so happy to see you,
With so much to tell.
You’re looking quite different,
But beautiful as well.
I love the snowboarding suit,
But im sure you’re quite hot.
The room being full of people,
Helps this not.
I see you got your nails done,
Jill mentioned doing them days ago.
But yet, your hands seem different,
They are paler, without the normal glow.
The decorations of your party, are real great,
Such a celebration for you.
But for some reason,
Dry eyes here, there are few.
Sleeping I see,
In such a beautiful bed,
But it’s your party,
Go on, lift your head.
Holding a rose,
With such great beauty.
Pictures sitting around you,
You boyfriend sure is a cutie.
Lots of people around,
Staring like me.
Making silent wishes,
For what they want your life now to be.
Flowers everywhere,
In quiet sympathy.
Showing support,
To your beautiful family.
Thanks for the bracelet,
On which it says:
“Forever in our hearts”
Now I see that, everyone else has.
I love you, Marissa,
You had a great life.
A real life angel,
Saving 6 others from strife.
By not wanting flowers,
Donations were accepted.
For your brothers wheelchair team,
The group your parents selected.
You were a wonderful young lady,
With lots of great friends.
Which is completely evident,
Through all that attend.
I am so happy to see you,
With so much to tell.
I wish you luck with God,
I know He will treat you well.