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Cunningham Writing Contest

Cunningham Writing Contest

The Walter Cunningham Writing Contest is an annual, campus-wide competition to find the best in poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and academic writing.

2018 Contest

Submissions for the 2018 contest are currently closed.

Past Winners


The Cunningham contest is named after Walter Cunningham, a Tri-State University alumnus from the school of business. Early in his career, while working for the U.S Department of Labor, Mr. Cunningham and his team were asked to write reports that would be used as evidence in federal court cases. He found this experience so challenging that he was inspired to embark on a successful campaign to teach himself to write more effectively.

Now, he and his wife Don Nell sponsor the Cunningham contest each year. Mr. Cunningham says, “It has been my lack of English and writing skills throughout my life that encourages me at this time in life to attempt to help others understand in some small way, the importance of obtaining these skills early.”