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Fly Again


The wind dove down into the pastureland along the coast. It ripped its fast slender fingers through the ancient copses and stranded glacial boulders, surging and wailing in the billowing grasses, and then suddenly lifted up–straight up—and everything took flight. Foliage rolled back, baring the white knuckles of twiggy branches, clawing at the wind as the leaves broke free. Rain ...

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Lone Wolf


Pain ends. Whether through drugs, time, or death, those crippling sensations that break bodies and bend wills eventually dwindle into nothingness. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. This desolate tundra hillside is the cold heart of a demon, yet my body is pure fire. My very cells are ablaze, cooking me from the inside out. Tissue inflames, blood ...

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The Big Envelope


It’s the first day of our senior year, Isabelle and I’s tradition on the first day of school is to take our sophisticated picture by the front garage. I have on the traditional first day of school dress with a sweater that covers my shoulders. Isabelle showed up in sweats and a baggy t-shirt as if it’s what she wore ...

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Evil Unveiled: The Tale of Snow White Retold

Snow White

“Bathilda?” she craned her neck around to look at the new girl all her friends were talking about. I blushed and waved at her shyly. I could hardly believe I was going to be lucky enough to make friends with someone so beautiful. “Bathilda,” she repeated slowly, a look of revulsion tainting her pretty face, as though she had tasted ...

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Soldier of Asphodel


In the roman religion there are two area’s that can be described as an afterlife. There is the Plains of Asphodel which is where the common person went after death and there is also the Fields of Elysium where soldiers were said to go after death. They had no eternal damnation like religions of today. This story is the travel ...

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sea storm

Grey-cold clouds float. Turbulent waters crash about. Lightning flashes across the sea. Thunder crackles. A lone seabird folds its wings gracefully and makes a deft dive deep down for dinner. It returns to the surface with nothing, then dives again for another try. Salt crusted eyes peer over the sleepless sea, watching the bird dive, never resting always diving. Coarsely ...

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The Webspinner


The cobblestone dissolved into mud half a mile from the city limits, and the carriage horse was soon pastern-deep in fast-flowing water. It yanked at the reins, cantering blindly into the splattering wind. At last it staggered to a halt, snorting at the rain running ceaselessly down its face. The carriage door flew open, smacking back against the vehicle in ...

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The Lady of the Wood

woman in woods

I look deep into the flickering flames of the fire. It is fascinating to watch the yellow fade to orange as the flame slinks away from the fuel, orange to red, and red into the darkness of night. The melodic laughter of the children dances through the wind from where they sit on the ground, as close to the fire ...

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“This is AI-M17.5.16, trial completed” Liam mumbled into his dictation headset, ending yet another pointless day in the Artificial Intelligence Research division at TitanTech Industries. “To date, all trials of the Mark 17 Infinity algorithm have yielded no tangible or repeatable results. All sixteen proto-singularities have experienced varying degrees of corruption, and are incapable of sustainable regeneration and reproduction. It ...

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The Testing of Lauren Hemsley


Lauren cracked her knuckles anxiously, the sound obscenely loud in the subdued quiet of the room. Relax, she told herself. You’re perfectly ready for this—within the hour it’ll all be over and done with. Breathe. Thus reassured, she sat up a little straighter, her spine parallel to the rigid metal chair back rising up behind her. The room around her ...

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