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Bad Math

It was one of those eerie silences
The type that could only be broken by one lone tear
And I swear as it hit the ground, it sounded like bombs exploding
And it was silent again
Silent enough to hear a pin drop, but too loud to concentrate on a single thought
Her mind was flustered
Her heart was broken
Her body was tarnished
And the only shoulder she had left to cry on, turned cold as ice
She was more than alone

Pardon the pity party
These days bad math can cost lives
In a world where one plus one equals three
Its easy to see
How three minus one can equal one
But she didn’t think that far
After all, he did say he loved her
But she must have missed the memo that clearly explained that love was just a code word for sex
So he used her

Now, she didn’t like to use the word prostitution
But what else can you call it?
When he volunteered to pay to erase his mistakes
Like a few hundred dollars, and a ride to the clinic can make life like gravy again
And she obliged
He held her hand, as the life was sucked out of her
That THEY had created
And all she could do was cry
Cry for the baby that she had already named
Cry for the life she had paid to take
Because these days bad math can cost lives
And that’s just not a wager I’m willing to gamble