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The House that Sutpen Built


Considered one of the greatest novels of all time, William Faulkner’s Absalom, Absalom! focuses on the story of Thomas Sutpen and his dream of establishing a new Southern plantation dynasty. His desire fails to last due to several crises within the Sutpen family and the entire South. The piece provides a sharp critique of Southern society, utilizing an intricate structure ...

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The Eternal Dispute: Constitutional Interpretation


Few would argue that the American Constitution is not a historical and political marvel that radically transformed the nature of government forever. It not only provided stability to the fledgling nation, but it also gave the new republic the chance to prove to the world that the republican experiment could work. However, this document created a major dispute in less ...

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Social Class and Revolution

French Revolution

Some of the most important events in world history have been revolutions. Often times, revolutions can drastically change the social order not just of a country, but of an entire region as it responds to the revolution occurring in its neighbor. Two of the most influential revolutions, occurring in the modern day United States and France, have set the standard ...

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Harry Potter and the Magic of Reading

It can be very difficult to make a person love to read. Most times, a person must find a particular book or series that really speaks to that individual to ignite an interest in reading. Unfortunately, for some this never happens. For myself, however, I can distinctly remember the series that spoke to me and made me the avid reader ...

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