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The Testing of Lauren Hemsley


Lauren cracked her knuckles anxiously, the sound obscenely loud in the subdued quiet of the room. Relax, she told herself. You’re perfectly ready for this—within the hour it’ll all be over and done with. Breathe. Thus reassured, she sat up a little straighter, her spine parallel to the rigid metal chair back rising up behind her. The room around her ...

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Autumn Sunflowers

autumn sunflowers

Faded, forgotten, stooping in pain, Scorched by the sunshine and soaked by the rain; Dreary and dried-up, they droop in the field, Winter the sole thing to which they will yield. Old woman of summer, imagine again Your soft amber petals, once stars of the glen. Imagine, my dears, as you fade into sleep, Bent o’er the spattering seeds that ...

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Shards of Glass

“What is a baby; A pearl from the sea? A diamond from a mountain top, Or honey from a tree? Offer me the world, Gift me with the sea, Yet there is nothing near as sweet As this little seed of me.” Mom used to sing that song, back when the world was green and we ate meat for dinner. ...

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