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“This is AI-M17.5.16, trial completed” Liam mumbled into his dictation headset, ending yet another pointless day in the Artificial Intelligence Research division at TitanTech Industries. “To date, all trials of the Mark 17 Infinity algorithm have yielded no tangible or repeatable results. All sixteen proto-singularities have experienced varying degrees of corruption, and are incapable of sustainable regeneration and reproduction. It ...

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The Dealmaker

“I don’t like this, Master. I don’t like this at all” murmured Sivian, nervously pacing back and forth across the concrete floor. Bartimaeus watched him disinterestedly. “Calm down, boy.” he drawled lazily, still refusing to make eye contact with the youth. How did I get stuck with this gunslinger at my side? Bartimaeus thought. Could it really have only been ...

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