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11-Year-Old Superstar


In the late days of summer, the sun shone brightly and warmed the baseball cap sitting atop my head. I squinted at the sphere of light and quickly began to imagine the size and extreme temperature of the distant star. My thoughts wandered to the tuft of grass that inhabited the spot where I was standing in the baseball field. ...

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To Light and Guard


Colorful, dancing, dearest marigolds, swinging arm-in-arm in the verdant Spring. Tending to the flowers and plants below, under the Light and the goodness it brings. Colorful, dancing, dearest marigolds, a wonderful, terrible chore you bear! The flowers of Earth, vexing by nature, can still be judged as worthy to spare? Most beautiful of all the marigolds, why do you pity ...

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The Eyes of Hazel


My grandfather once asked me, “Would you rather hear an amazing story from a mediocre storyteller, or a mediocre story from an amazing storyteller?” I was very young at the time, so I kept my mouth shut and looked at him expectantly. That was what I usually did whenever my grandfather talked to me, and it is probably the wisest ...

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