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Great Grandpa


Great-grandpa spent the majority of his life at the bottom of a bottle. I never knew him, but that’s what they tell me. They say it was to drown out the memories. Memories of his time spent overseas in the Pacific Theater, during World War II. Grandpa manned the 50 cal., the big machine gun that was mounted on the ...

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A Word


I spoke a word, just one Into the still night air The word I spoke bloomed And took a shape so fair That tears swelled in my eyes To see the beauty there I spoke another word Whispered like a child’s prayer Strung on with another Until a strand wove tight An unending ribbon Full of power and light Power ...

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I rode a dragon today

dragon book

I rode a dragon today, with scales of fiery blue Gusting wings turned each page, each chapter begun anew I dreamt I was a Thunderbird, storms marking my flight Howling winds and shrieking cries and lightning rending night Today, I was a wizard, by the badger house thus claimed Through goodness and kindness and niceties we were given our name ...

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