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At the End of the Pier

The moon lights the way as Trudy walks down the road. The darkness shadows the houses that line the street. Streetlights give off a faint light in the fog that is settling in. Trudy continues to walk down the road feeling the familiar yet faint surroundings as she goes. She finally gets to an unfamiliar part of town where the park should be; instead she finds a pier over a clear dark lake with the reflection of the full moon showing the glassiness of the surface as she emerges from the fog. There she meets the dark stranger that she seems to know even though she can see nothing of him but his blue eyes.

She remarks to herself as she has so many times before, “I can almost see a glimpse of heaven in those beautiful blue eyes of his.” She feels peace and comfort standing beside him. As she glances over the lake she sees what she thinks is a deer on the far shore leaning down to get a drink. Everything always seems so peaceful when she is here. How could she feel so safe with a stranger? She did not know his name or where he was from. She did know that whenever she took this walk he was always here at the pier as if he was waiting for her. How did he know? Was he here every night? Why was it that she could only see his beautiful blue eyes and nothing more?

Trudy decided that she was thinking too much and wasting the time she could be spending enjoying every detail of the quiet, calm, and peaceful lake view that was in front of her. She could not keep her mind from wandering though and she realized that she had never questioned any of it before tonight. “Evidently tonight is important for some reason.” She thought and then dismissed it. The moon slowly fell behind the hill and the sky started changing from night to morning. This is what she loved the most about being in this very spot at sunrise. She looked at the dark stranger still standing beside her and asked, “Don’t you just love sunrise here?” The stranger’s eyes seemed to be smiling at her. She looked up at the sky as it changed from black to dark blue to lighter blue. She watched with childlike wonder at the clouds changing from orange to pink to white. After a few minutes she turned to the stranger to see if he enjoyed nature’s dazzling display but he was gone, again. Her sadness started to return as she stood on the pier all alone.

“Oh, wow!” Trudy exclaimed as she sat woke with a start. Looking around she realizes she is in a hospital bed. That awful buzzing she hears sounds familiar. The last time she heard it her husband of 53 years had just passed away. She sees her son and his children with their families holding each other and crying. She looks at the foot of her bed and there he is, that dark stranger that she sees at the end of the pier. He is still dark and his eyes still as blue as ever. He takes off his hat and his coat revealing large wings and the face that could only match the Greek god Adonis. He holds out his hand and whispers, “Are you ready Trudy? You have another journey to make.”