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About A Boy

About a Boy focuses on a young bachelor, Will, and his single, uneventful life that all changes when he meets a young boy, Marcus, and his lonely, struggling mother, Fiona. This film shows the audience how Will and Marcus grow and learn from each other and their experiences. It is unique and uses both of their points of view to show how they learned who and what is truly important in life and how love and relationships with others are necessary for happiness.

Will learns a lot about life by spending time with Marcus. For example, when he goes and buys new shoes for Marcus, Will says he actually liked the feeling of doing something nice for someone else without expecting anything in return. In the beginning of the movie, Will seems selfish and self-centered, but by letting Marcus come over after school and doing nice things for him, he grows and changes. Marcus is just a young boy, but he teaches Will how to act selfless and care for others.

When Will meets Rachel, he realizes his life is boring. He has no job, no family, and no great life experiences to share with her. Will even says in the movie, “I’m blank. I’m really nothing. I had a very full life; it just didn’t mean anything.” When he brings up Marcus, Will realizes this boy has given him a purpose. After lying to Rachel, he realizes Marcus is more important to him than he thought and decides to tell her the truth. Will narrates, “I’d settle and turn into the less-is-more that Marcus wanted.”

At the end of the movie, Will proves he is a dynamic character, and hurries to find Fiona to tell her not to commit suicide. Marcus asks him to talk to her, and Will realizes there are more important things in life than himself and his fancy appliances. He has a revelation and says, “There was only one thing that meant something to me: Marcus.” Will rushes to save the only family Marcus has.

Not only did Will learn from Marcus, but Marcus learned from Will too. Marcus learned how to fit in at school so he was not bullied so much. Will bought him new shoes so his clothes would look like the other boys’. He also gave him a rap CD and CD player for Christmas so Marcus could still sing music at school, but it was music that would make him relatable to other students. In one scene, when Marcus is over at Will’s house after school, Will asks Marcus how he is dealing with his mother’s suicide attempt. Marcus acts like it does not bother him too much, but narrates to the audience how it hurts him every day, and he feels much better about it after Will says it would be difficult. Marcus learns it is ok to be upset sometimes.

The most telling scene of how Will and Marcus have helped each other grow is at the talent show. Will tells Marcus not to sing because he will be embarrassed. However Marcus does not listen; he tells Will, “You need other people to make you happy.” Although he may be embarrassed, Marcus takes the stage to make his mother happy, and Will joins him. Will learns that to make Marcus and Fiona happy, he is willing to sacrifice and play guitar on stage in front of all those people. This scene is touching, and the audience falls in love with the characters.

“This movie is about people talking, making decisions, and growing from their experiences,” says movie critic Steven Snyder of Zertinet Movies.

The ending of the film satisfies viewers with poetic justice. I loved this movie, and I even want to go buy it after watching it. I could watch it over and over. I think any type of movie-watcher would enjoy this film. I will recommend this movie to everyone because it has such a good lesson, and does it in such a great way, giving both sides of the story. About a Boy shows audiences how people and relationships are very important and how life experiences can change their lives for the better.